The SMART (San Marcos Artist Retention and Training) Orchestra is a non-profit organization based in San Marcos, Texas that provides retired, experienced, and developing musicians of all ages the opportunity to perform, gain confidence, and grow as artists in a full symphony orchestra. SMART is passionate about the community. During the season, we offer free concerts, educational outreach opportunities, and instructor and internship programs because we believe classical music should be more accessible.

As such, we rely on donations from people, such as yourself, to continue our goals of developing musicians, educating music lovers, and promoting symphonic music in the San Marcos and surrounding areas. Join with us in our mission by clicking on the donate buttons below!


Sponsor a Musician

One Scholarship = $100

The SMART Orchestra currently asks members to pay $100 in tuition so the organization can sustain it's day-to-day operation costs. As you can imagine, this is incredibly hard for some of our musicians to do. A $100 donation will allow a musician to receive a full scholarship to be a part of the orchestra.

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Keep SMART Classical

Variable - You decide

The SMART Orchestra relies on your generous donations to provide free classical concerts, educational opportunities, & community collaborations for musicians of all skill level & age. Just click the donate button below, enter in the amount you would like to give, and know that you have made an amazing investment in the lives of those who play and of those who listen.


Sustain SMART

Recurring Donation

SMART relies on automatic, recurring monthly donations to meet our yearly budget goals. These reliable, steady gifts from the community allow us to plan our season confidently. Every donation matters! Every gift is appreciated!

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Community Partners


We love our community and are constantly looking for local businesses to partner with - either playing at your events, catering one of our events, or coming together to create a whole new possibility.

We have partnered with:

  • San Marcos High School Choir
  • AquaBrew
  • Downtown San Marcos
  • Mermaid Society
  • Dahlia Woods Gallery
  • Local resturants catering our Sugarplum Sweets reception
  • SMART Opera winners at our concerts
  • Cinema Club SMTX at Mermaid Week, hosting a panel discussion, accompanying a silent film, and playing at the Mermaid Ball


We are always looking for unique ideas for collaboration within the community. If you are hosting an event & would like the orchestra to come play, let us know. We, unfortunately, can't play every event we're asked to do, but we love playing local & supporting our local community events.


Interested in volunteering with SMART?

We have a number of opportunities for you to get involved with our mission and use your talents to support the orchestra. We are currently looking for people to:

  • Serve on our Board of Directors
  • Assist with the Auction & Gala
  • Help with PR & Outreach
  • Serve as liaisons for the orchestra & communities in Central Texas

If you'd like to volunteer with us, please contact us with your information, availability, and what you're interested in doing to help us out.